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The Promotion Optimization Institute (POI) provides a TPx Vendor Panorama to narrow the options and simplify the selection process when searching for a TPx vendor. To narrow the search, POI provides multiple TPx vendors and ranks them based on the following criteria:

Company Viability Product Aptness and Flexibility
Geographic Strategy Delivery Flexibility
Market Responsiveness and Track Record TPM Flexibility
Deployment Capabilities TPO Completeness
Market Understanding User Experience
Vertical/Industry Strategy Analytical Capabilities
Partner Leverage Product Vision
Company Vision  Configurability


T-Pro's Report Highlights:

globe for sticker-1 POI rates T-Pro's Analytics capabilities Above Average.
globe for sticker-1 T-Pro is simple and yet powerful — with emphasis on simple.
globe for sticker-1 POI found T-Pro's library of scenarios to be exceptionally “flow”
 with the ability to drag a scenario from the library into the plan.
globe for sticker-1 Focused on RGM? T-Pro can do complete customer P&L’s for both
manufacturer & retailer.
globe for sticker-1 POI rates T-Pro's UX as Above Average because they really have made 
a complex process quite simple.
globe for sticker-1 The simple and intuitive planning process and high degree of usability 
cannot be understated.
globe for sticker-1 Unlike most TPx solutions, T-Pro integrates into an existing TPM solution.
globe for sticker-1 Simplicity is a big differentiator.


POI Named T-Pro Solutions Best-in-Class for TPO Ergonomics, Post Event Analytics and Data Management.

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About T-Pro Solutions

T-Pro Solutions provides consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers with a suite of AI software applications to more efficiently analyze and manage their Trade Promotion investment in a “Software as a Solution” (SaaS) environment. T-Pro Solutions focuses on applying artificial intelligence to the data management, analysis and predictive planning practices of the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies to empower their teams to more effectively and accurately make informed and growth-sustaining business decisions.

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